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02 March 2017 @ 11:46 pm

For those who applied to be a member of this community, I will start sending out invites in a while. Please be reminded that the invites will expire in after 30 days.

For those who would like to join this community, feel free to check the HOW TO JOIN post


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15 December 2013 @ 12:34 am
rules are made for people to follow them. that's why please follow the community rules. understand them and don't break it.

1 rule broken = removal of membership

i might be strict with this because i need to protect my files.

1. no RE-UPLOADING, RE-DISTRIBUTING, RE-SELLING of all the files being shared in this community.
2. do not post or share the download links anywhere
3. do not link the community's name publicly
4. if you want to credit, please use SoL only (Sol@lj is not allowed)
5. keep the files shared among yourselves
6. do not claim the files as yours
7. no bashing and flaming of other members. know how to respect
8. any rules broken will result to membership removal. No excuses
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14 December 2013 @ 11:54 pm


I assumed by this time, you already have read the welcome/introduction post.

To obtain your membership in this community, you will have to read and agree to all the community rules and answer a few easy questions and wait for the membership invitation. you will need to respond to the invitation within 30 days; otherwise, the invitation will expire. you can check the invites HERE

In order to be part of this community, you have to fully understand by heart the community rules. read the community rules HERE.

Don't worry, comments are all screened, so you can write as short or as long as you want...:)

In your comment, please include the subject JOINING AINORAKUEN and please indicate that you have read and understood the rules and state the rules in your own words (don't copy and paste); please also write in your name, country and why would you want to join this community.

Also tell me your nickname or what you want me to call you:) You may add any information that you deem necessary for me to know you better. ^______________^

please make sure you follow the right steps and comment only on this post
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14 December 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Irasshaimase!! ** throws confetti**

 photo tumblr_mar6w0yxgb1qm3h6go10_r1_5001_zpseb5074f0.gif
credits to ninoether of tumblr:)

Welcome to ainorakuen!

ainorakuen is a community where slants_of_light's je and non-je files are being shared and stored.

In this community, you can find:
☆ DL links of CMs (raw), PVs, discographies, scans, trailers and more..
☆ subbed videos (occasionally)
☆ translations (occasionally)
** all files are ripped by me. Unless indicated**

this community's posts are only accessible to members. this is to lessen rule breaking incidents and i can manage the numbers of downloads. Membership is through invitations only

so, before you join this community, i advised you to read the HOW TO JOIN POST clearly and understand it fully.

if you want to know me clearly, you can go to my personal LJ ^^.

i expect everybody to follow the community rules and to behave properly. i want this place to be a rainbow filled paradise...


Lets all have a wonderful and fruitful stay in this community ^_^

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