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14 December 2013 @ 10:55 pm
welcome / introduction post  
Irasshaimase!! ** throws confetti**

 photo tumblr_mar6w0yxgb1qm3h6go10_r1_5001_zpseb5074f0.gif
credits to ninoether of tumblr:)

Welcome to ainorakuen!

ainorakuen is a community where slants_of_light's je and non-je files are being shared and stored.

In this community, you can find:
☆ DL links of CMs (raw), PVs, discographies, scans, trailers and more..
☆ subbed videos (occasionally)
☆ translations (occasionally)
** all files are ripped by me. Unless indicated**

this community's posts are only accessible to members. this is to lessen rule breaking incidents and i can manage the numbers of downloads. Membership is through invitations only

so, before you join this community, i advised you to read the HOW TO JOIN POST clearly and understand it fully.

if you want to know me clearly, you can go to my personal LJ ^^.

i expect everybody to follow the community rules and to behave properly. i want this place to be a rainbow filled paradise...


Lets all have a wonderful and fruitful stay in this community ^_^

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